Talisman’s Ellen Crush

Talisman 2Talisman the Australian Shepherd is the colorful canine character in my RED HOT series of chick lit novels. Now she is the star of her own series of canine chick lit novellas. Her first book, just released, is SHOW DOG SINGS THE BLUES. It tells the tale of how the pampered darling is mistaken for a cowdog and has to work on a ranch for the day. Talisman’s life is never dull.

One of the most interesting aspects of Talisman’s character is her crush on Ellen DeGeneres. She often wears a scarf that says CALL ME ELLEN. She has blue eyes, shaggy hair, and loves to dance. On a daily basis, Talisman and her family perform a rousing celebratory tribal dance of success together to bolster their confidence to face the day. So, naturally, in SHOW DOG SINGS THE BLUES when Talisman encounters a herd of bulls, she does her dance to summon courage. The results are unexpected. Read Talisman’s own words:

I can honestly say that never in my entire life had I ever been more terrified. This was a nightmare beyond comprehension. When the ginormous, mean-smelling monsters took notice of me, any confidence I had managed to muster during my adventures of the day dissolved in an instant. So, I decided to do what I always did to bolster my confidence—I did my daily rousing celebratory tribal dance of success. I crouched in a play bow, then leapt into the air where I spun around and landed facing the opposite direction. Falling to the ground, I rolled completely over and bounced to my feet, facing back the other way. I kicked each foot in turn, in sync with the music in my mind, and pranced about in a circle while imagining the theme song to the movie Fame. The song, “I’m Gonna Live Forever,” seemed especially inspiring—and hopeful—given the circumstances. Since the music was just in my head, I thought a little singing wouldn’t hurt. Inside I was singing, I’m Gonna Live Forever, but it came out as melodic barks punctuated by wild howling. That was okay because it was the thought that counted—and right now living forever was a really important thought. 

I was so caught up in my dance that I didn’t immediately notice the stampede.


I bet Ellen DeGeneres never had this problem!

Talisman’s Ellen crush has been famous since her introduction in my novel RED HOT PROPERTY. In fact after I tweeted about it, Ellen DeGeneres started following me on Twitter. It was a momentous occasion. Then Ellen’s people offered to deliver a copy of RED HOT PROPERTY to her. Of course Talisman and I had visions of dancing with Ellen on TV, but we’ve not yet received an invitation. So, Ellen, if you are reading this, please allow me to remind you of Talisman’s crush on you. You are her hero.

To learn more about Talisman visit www.CanineChickLit.com

Copyright © 2011 by Devin O’Branagan

Devin O'BranaganDevin O’Branagan is the author of the RED HOT novels, a hilarious chick-lit series, and the legend of GLORY, a young adult vampire series. Devin is crazy passionate about animals and her books abound with marvelous four-legged characters. Devin is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, and lives in Colorado.

Visit her website at www.DevinWrites.com to learn about the dogs and cats featured in her books, and sign up for her monthly eNewsletter. Email her at Devin@DevinWrites.com.


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