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Who’s in Bed With … Kimberly Caldwell

Kim and BobBy Dustin Fitzharris

In 2003, Kimberly Caldwell won America’s hearts and votes on the second season of “American Idol.” She managed to make it into the top seven, which earned her a place on the tour after the season wrapped. However, unlike other fan-favorite contestants, Caldwell didn’t rush to record an album. But this April, eight years after appearing on the “American Idol” stage, “Without Regrets,” the singer’s debut album, was released.

Tell us about your doggies.

I have a Yorkie named Sammy, but he must be Texas-sized because he’s 20 pounds! He and my Grams became best friends when she watched him while I was on my radio tour. They are in love. She asked to keep him for a while longer, and I was happy to let her steal him for a bit because he’s in doggie heaven over there. My Grams even lost 45 pounds walking him every day! My sister is also a vet tech and we have raised lots of our pets together. Bodacious Bob, the Pit/Lab, who is terrified of the toaster, along with our kitties, Princess Kya and Aiden, who are so mischievous! My sister has brought home lots of sick/injured animals over the years, so our house kinda naturally turned into a rehabilitation pad for all of them. We have found some amazing homes for so many dogs/cats who were not even supposed to make it. Feels great!

What kind of bedtime rituals do they go through?

They get their treats before bedtime and then it’s a mad dash upstairs to my room to see who can jump on the bed first! Normally I have to do a lot of scooting booties to find room for myself when it’s time for me to lie down, but I give them a good scratch behind their ears and bellies and of course lots of kisses. It may make me sound crazy, but I normally talk to Bob about my day, have some TV time, and then we are off to dreamland.

Are they pillow hogs?

Bodacious Bob starts sleeping on his own pillow, but when I wake up in the middle of the night, he somehow manages to be spooning me and sharing my pillow!

Do they steal the covers?

Sam normally sleeps under the covers, so he is never a problem. Bob sleeps on top of the covers, and I can’t ever manage to get my feet covered after he’s good and comfy. I keep an extra blanket at my feet.

Snorers or silent sleepers?

Sam’s a heavy breather, and it cracks me up because his tongue is always hanging out of his mouth. Bob snores pretty loudly and even barks and makes running motions in his sleep. I think he’s chasing frogs in his dreams.

Are they early risers or do they sleep in?

They would sleep all day if I let them! I have to literally wake them up and drag them out of bed like teenagers!

What’s the best part of sleeping with them?

I always feel safe. They are my own personal protectors. It’s an automatic smile in the morning when I see them all sprawled out and so peaceful.

And the worst?

Dog hair is the worst but what are you gonna do? I tried doggie beds for them and I missed them way too much! As long as they are staying with me, they will always have a big bed to sleep in.

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