Tails Tuesday: Shay and Moses’ Adoption Story

May 17, 2011 by Michelle At Tails in Home, Inspiration with 0 Comments

Earlier this month we wrote about the North Shore Animal League America’s 2011 Pet Adoptathon drive — a world-wide event that runs throughout the month of May in an effort to place pets in loving forever homes. To help celebrate, we asked readers to tell us their adoption stories, and we would feature one a week for the month of May.

The stories were so amazing we thought why limit it to just one month. So, welcome to Tails Tuesday! Each week we will feature a different story told by one of our readers about how they found their special pet – whether it be a dog, cat, bird or horse. To be considered, leave a comment on one of our posts telling your story and we will contact you for more information if your story is selected.

To kick off the weekly post, we would like to introduce you to Jessie Fife and her dogs, Shay and Moses. They are from Louisville, Ky. Here is their very cute story as told by Jessie:


Shay and Moses

“I have always loved larger dogs, but somehow always ended up rescuing little guys like beagles and jack russels.

Just three short weeks after I was married I knew that it was time for a large dog. My husband had adopted a little beagle from a kill shelter after I had fallen in love with him (the beagle that is, I was already in love with my husband by then!). My husband jokingly tells me that he just adopted the beagle (now named Seth) just so I would go out with him again.

Now newly married I felt a large dog was needed. My husband works the night shift and though Seth was a great dog…I felt he wouldn’t scare off many robbers.

So I looked on Petfinder.com and saw a few dogs down at Metro Animal Services that I was interested in. The two that I really like were both rottweilers. I had to work so I asked my husband to go down and see which one he liked. After getting them out he called me and said I would have to come down and make the decison.

He had neglected to tell me that the rottweilers were a bonded pair and they wanted to be adopted out together. I brought down Seth for the introduction and it went great. We went home and talked it over, would we be crazy to bring two adult rottweilers with no history into our home?

We went for it. It has been amazing.

Shay and Moses as they are now called are the best dogs I could have ever hoped for. Moses has been through two obedience classes through the Ky Humane Society and soon will be going for his canine good citizen. Shay is a bit older and just likes to take short strolls through the neighborhood and chew her bones.

They have changed so many opinions of rottwielers to many people. Even though they are no guard dogs, they do not bark and would love for you to come in the home and shower you with kisses and attention, I have noticed that they do tend to intimidate people at first. I couldn’t be happier!”

You can connect with Jessie on our website.


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