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QuestionI have a terrier mix, Max. Max is really good about “asking” to go outside when he needs to go. So, when he asks, I take him out, walk him and he takes care of business. However, Max will frequently come inside after having both peed and pooped and yet still urinate just inside the door. While it is only a small amount, I am amazed that he has enough left over to go at that exact spot every time. Why is he doing this and how can I correct this behavior?

AnswerWhat Max is doing is called marking. He is claiming his territory as he comes in the door. The first step is to clean the spot properly with an appropriate cleaner (Simple Solution, Nature’s Miracle, etc). The next step is to be prepared when Max comes in the door to move him quickly past the spot before he has a chance to mark. ou can use your leash to keep him moving across the area he marks. Once you are past the spot, reward Max (treats, petting, etc). They say it takes 30 days to create a new, good habit so be prepared to follow through every time for the next month before you even try it without the leash.

Greg Hollen and CamilleAbout the Trainer:

Greg Hollen has trained dogs his entire adult life and became a professional dog trainer in 2007. He studied at National K9 in Columbus, OH, home of the mobility assistance dogs. During his career, Mr. Hollen has trained dogs for local celebrities and Washington D.C. executives as well as family pets. Understanding that dogs are unique individuals with different learning traits, he always strives to increase his knowledge and experience through education and hands-on training.

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