Go Green: Rescue or Adopt!

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Courtesy of PACC911

Every year over 60,000 companion animals are put to death in Maricopa County, Arizona!  With all those carcasses in need of disposal, can you imagine how this chilling number affects local landfills?  And when you consider that Maricopa County is only one of 3143 counties, parishes or independent cities, in only one of the fifty states, the numbers affecting the planet are staggering!

Animals are non-refundable.  They are living, breathing beings, worthy of loving and permanent homes.
Every single day PACC911 receives countless emails asking for help to find a home for “…a very sweet and loving cat who has been in my family for many years and, with great sadness, we cannot keep her anymore…”  At what point did you pack your clothes, knickknacks, family photos, and appliances, and move away without your “sweet and loving pet?”

Realtors and landlords routinely enter vacant homes to find abandoned animals who are emaciated and near death. One Animal Planet Cops episode featured the animal control agents entering a home to find a dog, tied to the banister, so thin it could barely stand. On the wall was a list of things the former tenants planned to take along to the new house…the dog was not on the list.

Responsible pet owners who find themselves in extreme situations, sadly try to find homes for their furry family members; kudos to them!  But, some just dump their animals on the street, thinking they will be able to fend for themselves.  Unfortunately, domesticated animals depend on US for their well-being, so discarded animals are at great risk of starvation and death.

Some people take their unwanted pets to shelters where they are usually euthanized due to overcrowding, while others just leave them in their empty home.  A small very percentage of these discarded souls find new homes, but all of them wonder what they did wrong to get tossed out like trash.

In today’s economy one reason to re-home your family pet is economic. Some is behavior related. Others include little or no thought given to the temperament of the breed or how it would fit into the family dynamic.  And then there are the adult animals who are no longer cute kittens and puppies. This philosophy is akin to dumping your husband when he gets a beer belly. To some of you, that may sound brilliant, but at least HE will be able to care for himself without you!  The bottom line is that family pets who are now domesticated can no longer fend for themselves on the streets and they are NOT disposable!

There are too many animals and not enough homes, so know this:
-You don’t need a dog just because you have a back yard
-Learn about the breed or the animal’s temperament before making your choice
-Don’t buy, rescue and adopt!
-Make a lifetime commitment…you’ll not only be saving the precious life of an animal, you’ll be keeping the planet green!

To learn more, email or visit PACC911

10645 N Tatum Blvd
Suite 200-516
Phoenix, AZ 85028

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