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Tips from Expert Dog Trainer Jamie Damato Migdal!

Jamie Damato MigdalTraining your dog should be an enjoyable experience for you both. The more you understand about how your dog thinks and learns, the more effectively you can communicate.

Clear communication means successful training and good behavior – with no need for force or coercion!   -Jamie

TIP: How to Keep Fido Fulfilled!

-Feed all meals from age and “talent” appropriate treat dispensing balls.
– “Read the Paper:” Scatter your dogs’ food under newspaper so they have to dig and shuffle around for it. Turn over boxes or use closed boxes with a hole with food inside or underneath.
– “Sniffing for Supper.” Divide portions of dog’s meal in containers or Kong toys or -Busy Buddy toys and located around the house,
-Placing novel scents in the environment: Rabbit, squirrel scents from sporting goods stores. Novel herbs, spices and colognes.
-A Popsicle of Gatorade, low salt bullion or chicken broth (perhaps with kibble inside or a dog treat or carrot stick). Frozen melon balls. Good for the crate.
-Take washed plastic milk cartons – put some kibble inside, dog rolls it and kibble falls out.
-Training sessions
-Take a dog for walks in new places for new sights and smells.
-Rotate indoor and/or outdoor toys, and encourage play
-Novel walks to new and different places, offers new and different sensations and experiences.
-Learning new tricks
-Use any of the above food hiding tricks with favorite toys that have been treated with a scent.

Chew toys, in particular, can:

-Offer Dental benefits
-Teach appropriate mouthing behavior as puppies
-Used as a training technique, offer an alternative activity when the family is eating, etc. Teach what is ‘theirs’ to chew on
-Help dogs explore their environment via their mouths
-Offer a sense of enjoyment – dogs enjoy chewing (ie: a sense of well being)

***A portion of these materials are compliments of Steve Dale.

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