Mommy Tails: Live, Laugh, and Listen to the Weathermen.

October 27, 2010 by Tails Magazine in Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Katie MarsicoKatie Marsico is a proud mommy of 3 human children— Maria, 5, C.J., 3, and Thomas, 18 
months. She is also the happy guardian of several 
furry, finned, and scaled pets.

Marsico has happily written for Tails since its 
inception in 2000 and is the author of more than 
60 children’s books. She works from home, which
 is located in Elmhurst, Illinois (though she hopes 
 that address will one day be changed to a
 location in southwest Florida).

Short and sweet this evening. Maybe the wind has just blown the inspiration right out of me. Nonetheless, I like to think that I learn something new as a mom and a pet guardian every week—regardless of the weather. This Tuesday evening, the lesson lay in the value of being able to laugh at oneself. Granted, I suspect that I had discovered the wisdom of this realization a while ago, but our balmy Chicago breezes reinforced the concept.

Nothing screams, “Aw, shucks . . . have a good ol’ belly laugh at the ridiculous character you cut,” than spinning around in a late-October gale as you attempt to corral three dogs inside.

Picture the scene, if you will: Me, barefoot, in a coffee-stained tank top and pajama pants, screaming into the wind because it finally dawned on me that the meteorologists weren’t exaggerating. Ergo, I had the brilliant epiphany that it might not be the best idea to allow a trio of aging pups (two of whom are quite small) to indefinitely wander around the backyard. Now imagine my 19-month-old nearly escaping out the door, my five-year-old shrieking in horror and begging her pets to come back inside, and my four-year-old twirling around in circles by the window and squealing excitedly every time a 50-mile-per-hour blast shook the glass.

After scooping up Bridget (our Chihuahua), coaxing Isetta (our Poodle mix) to proceed indoors, and all but dragging Boomer (our overweight Beagle-Basset mix) to the back stoop, I slammed the door shut tighter than Auntie Em locks up that storm cellar hatch in The Wizard of Oz. Just as I was feeling mildly proud of my dog-herding abilities, Maria turned to me and said, “Mom, I’m glad everyone’s safe and sound, but you look a little bit like a crazy person.” Out of the mouths of babes . . .

Has anyone ever said that you look a bit like a crazy person? I sure hope I’m not alone in this! Tell me all about it in the comments section below. Thanks!

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