Flying Pickles: Tracy Ahrens’ Tails Debut!

October 1, 2010 by Tracy Ahrens in Tracy Ahrens with 0 Comments

Tracy Ahrens With CatTracy Ahrens With Dog

Tracy is the parent of an adopted dog named Trucker, an adopted cat named Forest, and two stray cats named Captain Jack Sparrow and Joan of Arc. She’s a professional journalist and the author of “Raising My Furry Children,” to be released in July 2011. Visit her Web site HERE or send her an e-mail at mylittleforie@yahoo.com.

Without further ado… here’s Tracy’s first post: Flying Pickles.

PykeMy mom has a long-legged, long-bodied, long-tailed orange tabby named Pyke. He waits for me to visit, watching out a living room window and scurrying to the front door when I turn the knob.

I tell my mom he’s “flirting” with me.

His tail is always straight up in the air and he prances along behind me like a dog. He pauses and claws on a scratcher pad to show me he’s boss and goes to the backdoor to beg me to let him outside in the gardens.

He’s a funny cat in that he loves attention, but if you pick him up, it has to be done to his liking or he will fuss and scratch you trying to get down. I’ve learned to cradle him just so and talk to him gently while carrying him.

He will jump to the top of a small television on my mom’s kitchen sink and sit like a statue, watching me eye-to-eye while I help set the table for dinner. Every time I pass him I scratch his head, kiss his forehead, tell him he’s handsome and so forth.

He soaks it all in with a coy smile.

This little man is gifted at finding ways to get my attention.

He’s learned to climb into the refrigerator when I open the door, just to make me pick him up. He will sneak into closets and the clothes dryer for the same reason.

He’s also learned to look at himself in a floor length mirror located on the back of my mom’s bathroom door. He will sit on a hamper or stand on the floor and gaze at himself.

Several times my mom has walked through the house to find the bathroom door shut tight. She opens it to find Pyke waiting to be released. His footprints on the mirror initially explained that he was pushing the door shut by putting his paws on the mirror.

Recently I walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. Pyke had just been teasing me in the living room and was leaping in the air after a goose feather I brought him.

Suddenly a crashing thud hit the bathroom door, startling me and then rapid paw scratching noises followed on the door. I opened the door quick to see Pyke run top speed away from the door and through the house.

I came out and asked my mom, “What the heck was that?”

She asked me what happened and then she told me about Pyke’s new talent. Apparently the young man likes to run top speed through the living room and leap against the door when my mom uses the restroom. The difference between her using the restroom and me using the restroom is that my mom leaves the door ajar.

Pyke learned her habit fast and knew he could slam into the door and swing it wide open into the bathroom. This makes her yell at him and then he runs off, probably laughing.

With me, however, I closed the door and Pyke got the shock of his life when he slammed into it at full speed. In frustration he started clawing at the door and then took off when I came out to get him.

I never know what to expect next from Mr. Pyke-y, or as my brother has affectionately named him – “Pickles.”

But I do know that Pyke and I have a special bond we share every time I visit. His little face is always in the window waiting for me.

Written By: Tracy Ahrens

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