New Payment Plan Announced to Help Pet Guardians with Expensive Vet Bills…

September 21, 2010 by Tails Magazine in News with 0 Comments

ExtendCredit.com, an online provider of customer financing plans for small and mid-sized businesses, recently announced a new program designed to help Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals looking for an alternative to conventional third-party financing offer their own extended payment terms to pet guardians.

ExtendCredit.com is seeking to enroll veterinarians and animal hospitals in ExtendCredit.com’s Pet Healthcare Payment Plan program while also educating pet guardians to ask their pet’s doctor or local animal hospital to offer affordable payment plans for pet healthcare.

“We recognize that pets are part of the family, and like any family member, pets sometimes need an emergency medical procedure to relieve suffering from a very treatable illness or injury,” said Joe Simrell, Co-President, ExtendCredit.com. “But unlike other family members, pets aren’t covered by the family’s medical insurance and pet insurance typically does not cover enough of the bill. In today’s tough economy, pet owners face hard choices about how they intend to pay for an emergency surgical procedure for their pet. Using a veterinarian or animal hospital that offers our payment plan program, they can get authorized for the procedure and pay for it without breaking their budget.”

According to Simrell, most pet guardians have no plan for dealing with a serious health issue for their pet or pets. Those that do, and use conventional third party financing or have a pet insurance plan find that those options are often inadequate for their needs. He notes conventional third party financing approval rates have dropped off as the credit markets have tightened. Only a small number of those who apply for these programs today are eligible and most have to have a high credit score to qualify. And even then, only certain procedures are covered. With ExtendCredit.com’s Pet Healthcare Payment Plan program, extended payment terms are mutually agreed upon between the veterinarian/animal hospital and the pet owner and ExtendCredit.com handles everything from there.

When there’s a pet health emergency, usually from a pet that’s been struck by a car, most animal hospitals charge between $100 to $300 for an examination fee. A surgical procedure can range between $500 to $5,000 depending on the ailment. There’s an old expression: “can’t afford the Vet, can’t afford the pet.”  For pet guardians suddenly faced with an unexpected veterinarian bill, ExtendCredit.com’s advice is to ask about financing plans up front. And to encourage their Veterinarian and Animal Hospital to use ExtendCredit.com’s automated payment plan service.

While pet owners consider their pets part of the family, in the eyes of the law, a pet is property.  But unlike having a watch or TV set repaired, Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals release pets to their owners when they are well enough to go home. It’s then very difficult to make sure a pet owner pays the cost of the pet’s care. With ExtendCredit.com payment plans, the pet owner gets a payment they can afford, while veterinarians and animal hospitals can earn additional revenue through modest finance charges.

To sign-up for the program, Veterinarians and Animal Hospital administrators can click HERE or call (888) 364-2808.

This information was taken from a press release. If you have questions contact: Tila Pacheco, tila@madisonalexanderpr.com.

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