Author Devin O’Branagan’s Water Bowl Chat: A Tail of Forbidden Love

September 30, 2010 by Devin O'Branagan in Devin's Tails with 0 Comments

A Tail of Forbidden Love…

Okay, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I love Australian Shepherds. However, one of the concerns I always have is that backyard breeders might breed a merle to a merle, which can result in deaf and blind puppies. This brings tremendous heartbreak to so many, including the puppies themselves, and the people who unknowingly adopt them. Sadly, many of these dogs end up at shelters… or worse.

In my novels I always seek to educate, as well as entertain. In my upcoming novel RED HOT LIBERTY, I found a way to incorporate a humorous subplot that also brings attention to this very serious matter.

Blue Eyed Dog
Talisman is a prissy, pampered Australian Shepherd who is the office mascot in the RED HOT series. In RED HOT LIBERTY this gorgeous blue merle Aussie falls in love with a hunky blue merle Aussie named Chance. Both Talisman and Chance are marbled swirls of black, white, and copper, with sky blue eyes and tailless bottoms. Whenever they encounter each other they dance with joy and lick each other’s ears.

Of course Talisman is spayed, but as one of the novel’s characters explains, “Their passion goes much deeper than hormones.”

Theirs is a forbidden love. Talisman dons a scarf that says, “Just Like Romeo & Juliet.” She cons her person, eight-year-old Angelina, into writing Chance heartbreaking love letters. It is a tragic tale of tailless tragedy.

Talisman ends up having to see a pet psychic for counseling.

It is funny, it is sad, and it makes a point I hope won’t be ignored.

Copyright © 2010 by Devin O’Branagan

Devin O'BranaganDevin O’Branagan is the author of the RED HOT novels, a hilarious chick-lit series, and the legend of GLORY, a young adult vampire series launched in 2010. Devin is crazy passionate about animals and her books abound with marvelous four-legged characters. Devin is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, and lives in Colorado.

Please visit my website at www.DevinWrites.com to learn more about the dogs and cats featured in my books, and to sign up for my monthly eNewsletter. And please feel free to contact me at Devin@DevinWrites.com. I would love to hear from you!

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