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By Renee Krejci


($2–$20) CompleteNaturalNutrition.com

These delectable chew treats for dogs are made in the U.S. with organic and 100-percent natural ingredients. The bones come in three varieties to promote fresh breath, joint health, and calm behavior. They contain no wheat, gluten, soy, corn, animal by-products, added salt, or sugar, making them the perfect healthy reward for Rufus!

Fauna Sauna

Fauna Sauna Heated Spa Bed
($695–$850) FaunaSauna.com

These unique spa beds (available in three different styles) provide radiant noncontact warmth from the sides and top, mimicking heat from the sun. The far infrared radiant heat is perfectly safe and beneficial for pets suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, skin irritation, healing wounds, stress, and other conditions.

Anti-Lick Strip

Anti-Lick Strip Prevent
($9–$31) NurturedPets.com

When Fido gets a boo-boo, there’s usually nothing more he’d like to do than give it a good lick! In comes Nurtured Pet’s Anti-Lick Strip Prevent, a unique deterrent for licking and biting. The bandage-like strip, designed to go directly on Fido’s fur, contains a mixture of natural bitter-tasting ingredients, which will discourage licking so Fido’s wound can properly heal. Strips are available in packs of two or six in sizes small, medium, and large.

Herbsmith Acute Trauma

Herbsmith Acute Trauma Herbal Blend
($25–$80) HerbsmithInc.com

If your dog is—or acts—like a rambunctious pup, his playfulness could lead to bumps and bruises. Herbsmith’s Acute Trauma is the ideal natural option to help with aches and discomforts. The mix of herbs is designed to move blood and energy in the affected area. Herbsmith also carries herbal blends to boost immunity, sooth arthritis, calm anxiety, and more.

Max and Ruffy's

Max & Ruffy’s vegan dog treats
($9–$10) MaxAndRuffys.com

Treat Rover to the best with these eco-friendly, organic, vegan dog treats. They come in two sizes and three crunchy flavors—pumpkin, tomato-herb, and molasses. All the ingredients are human-grade, so you can sneak one yourself—unless Rover says, “Paws off!”

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