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We asked Tails readers to share ideas for homemade pet toys and apparel. Here’s what you said:

Squirrel Toy

Squeaky Squirrel Toy

Puppet washcloth without glued parts or buttons (available at Dollar General and various dollar stores)
Squeakers (available at SitStay.com/dog)
Stuffing (available at most craft stores)
Cotton fabric (available at fabric and craft stores)

1. Wrap squeaker with a small piece of fabric and sew edges.
2. (Optional) Turn washcloth inside out and reinforce stitching by sewing over existing seams.
3. Place a small amount of stuffing in head of puppet add squeaker in fabric wrap and then add additional stuffing until full.
4. Push stuffing to top of puppet and sew bottom edge two to three times. Roll puppet between hands to even out the inside stuffing.
5. Your dog is ready to play.

Warning: Do not leave your dog unattended with this toy.

—Pat Little (ALittleUnique.com)

I use recycled water bottles and wrap $1 tie-dyed Walmart socks around them for my dogs to play with. It’s a great way to recycle and create a popular dog toy at a discount. You can also put water in the bottles and freeze them in the summertime!

—Kama Preston (IdeallyDog.com)

I make my dog’s bicycle helmets. That way I can make them to match my own. Besides, I have tried several commercial productions, and they don’t fit my miniature Schnauzer. I also sew her Halloween costumes.

—Kathy Schubert (KangarooConnection.com/joeyspage.html)

I’ve been making tug toys out of the discounted fleece blankets (around $3), and it’s worked out really well—all the dogs love them. They used them in flyball. I never bought one because they were about $25 each, and all it is is thin slices of fleece braided together, with or without a handle at the end. I’ve been donating them and giving them out to clients. They’re heavy-duty as long as you get the knots at the end right.

—Kelly Krager (GoodOwnerTraining.com)

Fleece Tug Toys

Fleece Tug Toys

Three pieces of 2” x 45” fleece in three colors. (Do not use snuggle or blizzard fleece, as they shed.)

1. Place all three pieces of fleece on top of one another and tie a knot.
2. Braid fleece until you have about four to five inches left. Tie a knot in the other end.
3. I use my leg and tie the braided fleece around my leg to make the loop at the top.
4. Your tug toy is ready for you and your dog for interactive play. It is also great for helping your dogs to keep their teeth clean as they chew on the fleece.

Warning: These toys are not recommended for dogs who eat their toys.

—Pat Little (ALittleUnique.com)

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