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Pet-oriented businesses go green and offer eco-friendly products and services

By Amanda Degard

Pet-oriented businesses are changing their ways and “going green” to help the environment, animals, and humans. From recycling to carpooling to printing on GOOS (“good on one side”) paper, companies across the country have found ways they can participate in the green initiative. Here are just a few examples of how the pet community is putting its best paw forward to save the planet.

In Clover
Boulder, CO

In Clover uses Windsource, a wind energy resource, to power its facility. Based on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Power Profiler statistics, In Clover’s shift to renewable wind power reduces carbon dioxide emissions significantly.

Monroe County Humane Association

Bloomington, IN

The Monroe County Humane Association (MCHA) has switched to serving only vegetarian and vegan meals at its main events. MCHA also uses recycled copy paper, and plans to use recycled paper for its print publications are in the works. Additionally, MCHA participates in the Bloomington recycling program.

Noble Beast Natural Market for Pets

Phoenix, AZ

Noble Beast Natural Market for Pets proudly sells products that are free of byproducts, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. The company reuses the boxes that its products arrive in for customers to take their purchases home in. One-hundred percent organic cotton reusable shopping bags are available to customers in the store.

The Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis, IN

Electricity at the Indianapolis Zoo is generated from clean, renewable energy sources, and in 2008 the zoo recycled enough cardboard to equal the combined average height of 98 giraffes. In an attempt to reduce carbon emissions and help save the polar bear both, the zoo has also launched the website MyCarbonPledge.com.

Natura Pet Products, Inc.

Fremont, NE

Natura Pet Products uses post-consumer recycled materials with vegetable-based inks for its brochures, business cards, and some of its flyers. The company also gives all new representatives a hybrid car to drive. This summer, its Karma organic food line is being relaunched with a new bag that is 98-percent recyclable.

Isabella Cane

Sun Valley, ID

Isabella Cane Bella Dura Textiles all meet or exceed McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, LLC (MBDC)’s standards for environmentally preferable materials, policy on renewable energy, material re-utilization program, and environmental and human health. They are 100-percent recycled and recyclable.

Whiner and Diner
Stamford, CT

Whiner and Diner products are handcrafted from wooden wine crates. The company uses eco-friendly materials to make pet pillow beds, and all the paints, glues, and varnishes are nontoxic. Whiner and Diner also exclusively uses recycled shipping material and digital files.

Natural Pet Market

Wheaton, IL

Natural Pet Market is a green-based business making hemp dog beds, biodegradable poop pick-up bags, and soaps that are not harmful to the environment. This company also reuses a majority of its shipping and packing materials.

Oregon Humane Society

Portland, OR

Oregon Humane Society (OHS) received the BlueWorks recycling award in 2007. OHS is composting all outdated and unusable pet food. It is also now implementing a mandatory early shutoff for all computer workstations as a way of reducing electricity use. Several bicycle racks for employees and visitors have also been installed at the shelter.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Frankenmuth, MI

In lieu of the precarious economic climate, Raining Cats and Dogs has asked other businesses in Frankenmuth to donate their clean, used packaging and shipping material. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Humane Society of the United States

Washington, D.C.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recycles avidly with the help of compost bins and a yearly hazardous waste recycling drive. The HSUS facility also has soy-based roofs to help keep temperatures down, participates in teleconferencing to reduce travel, and employs motion sensor lights and paperless messaging.

Four Muddy Paws

St. Louis, MO

Four Muddy Paws houses recycling containers, uses biodegradable waste bags for customers’ fresh-baked treat purchases, and gives away eco-friendly shopping totes with every $50 purchase. The restroom also has cotton hand towels available and dual-flushing toilets to save water.

Pawsible Marketing

Carmel, IN

Leslie May of Pawsible Marketing has her own blog on how to raise a green dog. The blog offers tons of tips, information, and eco-friendly products for dogs. May is not only helping the environment, but she is helping others in their eco-friendly attempts.

Wagging Green

Melbourne, FL

Wagging Green’s products are all made from eco-friendly materials. The company also gives back by investing profits in other companies that are going green and donates 5 percent of its profits toward green issues. Wagging Green prints on previously used paper.

IB Stables

Noblesville, IN

IB Stables has its lights on a timer to conserve energy and the life of the light bulbs. The horse boarding and training facility also takes horse manure to a farm that converts it into fertilizer. The IB Stables sprinkler system uses pond water that is collected from the rain. The water is collected from the roof of the barn and the field behind it.

Earth Pups

Chicago, IL

Earth Pups, a brand new daycare/boarding/grooming business, got started on the right foot by adhering to reduce-reuse-recycle principles when building its facility. Its outdoor sign uses LED lights and recycled aluminum. The front desk is made of bamboo. The walls, panels, and floors are all made from recycled materials. The kennel dog beds are filled with foam stuffing made from recycled plastic pop bottles. In addition, the company uses biodegradable cleaning and grooming supplies, poop bags, and garbage bags and recycles office supplies whenever possible.

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