Holiday Gift Guide

By C. Warner Sills and Nelly Hanley

Brie Society Tees
(888) 799-8111

Wear your pooch pride on your sleeve with these fun, stylish t-shirts. Brie Society tees are designed to represent the special relationship between you and your pet. Hand silk-screened on 100% premium, preshrunk cotton these shirts are available in a variety of colors and contain hip sayings like, “There’s more to life than fetch!”

Passages Greeting Cards
(800) 814-8145

A picture is worth a thousand words and a picture of a pet is worth even more. Spread your love for animals this holiday with the Passages Pet Collection Holiday Greeting Cards. The entire collection is sure to bring out your holiday spirit, plus Passages has pet greeting card lines for just about any occasion.

Paw Sense Software

Does your computer need protection from your cat? Kitty proof your Mac or PC with PawSense, a computer program designed to protect your keyboard from the sudden pouncing by a curious feline. The software works by blocking typing caused by the cat walking, jumping, or lying on the keyboard while you’re away. It also has a preventative measure in the form of annoying sounds designed to prevent your four-legged friend from coming to close to the computer.

Animal Rescue Volumes 1 & 2
Best Dog Rescues & Best Cat Rescues
($10 each)
(866) 733-5824

Stuff a pet lover’s stocking this holiday season with something truly heart warming! Animal Rescue Volumes 1&2 DVDs contain 60 minutes of highlights from Animal Rescue, the Emmy nominated TV series. Enjoy the thrill and suspense of real animal rescues from around the world with host Alex Paen.

Bark Bars & Kitty Kissers
(954) 781-0730

American Health Kennels’ special holiday line of premium, all natural pet treats will be sure to put a twinkle in your pet’s eye whether she’s a Hanukkah hound or a Christmas canine. From scrumptious flavored dog treats shaped as cats, mail men, and dreidels to dog cookie card mailers, Bark Bars has a something for all dogs. For cat lovers out there, hide the mistletoe because AHK also has a line of Kitty Kissers flavored cat treats that are guaranteed to make your feline pucker up.

Apple Crunch Dog Biscuits
($6 per bag)
(800) 354-8710

In a market saturated with dog treats why not give your dog a snack worthy of a human’s sophisticated taste buds? Zanadoo’s line of all natural human grade dog treats are made from basic French inspired ingredients, but pack a lot of flavor, nutrients, and bite. The biscuits are preservative and salt free and come in a number of different shapes and flavors including, apple, blueberry, ginger snap, peanut butter, cheese, and Italian oregano. Bone appétit!

Honest Kitchen Smooches Dog Treats
(858) 483-5995

Reward your dog this holiday season with a treat that’s both tasty and wholesome. Smooches dog cookies are healthy gourmet treats that will leave your dog begging for more. These handmade cookies are made with all natural ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. After just one taste your pooch will be busy bestowing smooches on you!

Real Food Toppers
(866) 807-7335

Sick of serving your beloved cat or dog junk food snacks full of cheap grains, unhealthy fillers, and chemicals? Try topping their favorite meal with some of these. Real Food Toppers are made with fresh whole foods that are then freeze dried to lock in freshness. The turkey and cranberry holiday meal for example, is filled with just that, turkey and cranberries. We’ll give two paws up to that.

Petit Four Legs

Is it wrong that we tried these for ourselves? They just looked so yummy! These hand-crafted goodies are full of tasty human grade ingredients that will tickle your dog’s taste buds (or at least yours). Pastry Chef turned canine entrepreneur Jennifer Lewis hand makes these goodies so that each treat is as unique as a snowflake. No artificial flavor, preservatives, salt, or sugar added.

(508) 333-8778

In the famous words of Anita Ward, ring my be-e-ell. At least, that’s what your dog will be singing once he gets Poochie-Bells. This doggie doorbell system is a great way to train your pup to let you know when he needs to go out. With more than 30 styles to select from, you’ll have no problem finding one to match your décor, personality, and style. Just beware of Fido becoming too fond of his new bells.

Jaguar Pet Love Seat
(323) 663-2714

Welcome to the jungle! Pamper your dog or cat the exotic way with the fashionable and surprisingly comfortable love seat from Catnap Global. This custom handmade love seat (shown here in the lush and radiant jaguar décor) comes in two different sizes to fit your pet’s size or humble personal requirements. With many other styles of chairs, couches, chaises, and beds to choose from, Catnap Global continues to provide comfortable havens for your wild thing after her roam.

Table Top Pet
Foto Frames
(810) 229-6000

These handcrafted pet picture frames by artist Anita S. Farrar are colorful, quirky, and definitely unique, making them the perfect gift for the stylish pet lover. Farrar uses a variety of materials, techniques, and mediums such as fiber, metal, and handmade paper to create her eye-catching pieces. Choose from more than 40 designs, sure to add a little flair to any home décor.

Snowflake Collar & Leash
(773) 206-0619

Celebrate the season with this delightful snowflake collar and leash from Loops
Chicago, a budding new company that specializes in customized accessories. Loops’ pet collar and leash designs are sewn onto high quality cotton webbing to create a stylish look for your trendsetting pooch. Choose from a large selection of ribbons and trims to suit your pet’s impeccable taste.

Great Canadian Parka
(416) 260-1820

As the blistery cold winter months approach it is important to remember that your dog’s natural coat can only do so much. Rufhaus K9 Couture’s line of doggie coats and parkas help to give your dog the extra warmth they need. The Great Canadian Parka features a detachable chest plate for flexibility, fleece lining, and a water/wind resistant nylon shell. The parka’s thick insulation and five color designs helps your dog battle bitter old man winter while also making a stylish statement.

Fur Booties

Ever heard of a pooch demanding a bootie call? You will once she becomes accustomed to life in the great outdoors with these suave looking shoes. Each bootie is made with fake fur trim, decorative laces, custom made rubber soles, and are waterproof. Available sizes can accommodate any small doggie from the tiny Chihuahua up to the larger sized Whippet.

Cat and Dog
Holiday Stockings
(800) 444-2779

Spruce up your mantle and your pet’s holiday season with a classic and simple holiday stocking from Harry Barker. Available in either dog or cat print these 100% cotton stockings are big enough to hold a wide array of treats and toys or lumps of coal depending on if your pet was naughty or nice this year. Each stocking also comes with an embroidered message to your four-legged friend wishing him a Happy Holiday.

Crunch Cards
(760) 328-1799

Looking for a greeting card your dog will really enjoy? Crunch Cards are edible holiday greeting cards made for your dog’s devouring pleasure. Created by a veterinarian, Crunch Cards are made with 100% rawhide and non-toxic ink. Your pet will be safe while gnawing, chewing, and licking your holiday wishes and greetings. These cards are truly the gift that keeps on giving, well, until they disappear into your dog’s stomach.

Pet Music

Don’t let yourself or your pet stress when you’re away from home. Pop in one of these CDS instead and expect to find your pets’ tails wagging to the rhythms of these smooth sounds. Pet Music CDs are specifically designed to help alleviate pet stress and separation anxiety. Three different titles including “Creature Comforts,” “Soul Mates,” and “Just Chillin’” will help your companion animal unwind with ease.

Organic Catnip Candy Cane
(800) 553-2439

Ratherbee’s organic catnip is said to be some of the strongest in the world. Made with 100% catnip–containing no fillers whatsoever–the natural goodness inside these choice products are sure to bring the nip fiend out of your feline. This festive candy cane nip makes the perfect gift or stocking stuffer to keep your cat content and occupied throughout the holiday season.

(800) 477-5735

Riddle me this, riddle me that. Want a toy to keep the dog from chasing the cat? The IQube is a plush six-side gizmo designed to help your pooch develop problem-solving skills. It holds four squeaky balls for your dog to retrieve, or for extra fun, the cube can also be filled with treats and other items.

The Good Karma Collection
Sococo (Socially Conscious Companion)

The SOCOCO organization was founded in 2001 with the goal of helping to aid and support the orphaned children of Cape Town, South Africa. Through a line of beautifully handcrafted dog collars, leashes, and tag charms, SOCOCO provides funds to the Baphumelele Children’s Home in Cape Town, a safe haven for newborns to 19 year olds, many of whom were orphaned because of the AIDS epidemic. By purchasing one of these canine accessories you and your dog will be giving these children the help and love they need.

IFAW Greeting Cards
($13 and up)

Save a few lives and spread a few smiles around with these holiday greeting cards from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Each card features a beautiful snapshot of an animal species that needs your help like the Beater Harp Seal or the Snow Leopard. 50% of your contribution goes directly to the organization.

Pet 4 Pets Collars
Millsboro, DE

Genia, a company devoted to connecting consumers with non-profit charities like the Animal Cancer Foundation created the Pet 4 Pets program earlier this year to assist animals in need. Here’s how the program works: Purchase one of these sprightly colored collars that bears the company’s logo and they’ll donate 30-50% of the purchase to an animal charity.

Defenders of Wildlife

Ever thought about adopting a wolf? How about a whole pack? We’re not suggesting you invite either of these animals into your home, but the innovative program at the non-profit organization Defenders of Wildlife allows you to adopt a wolf for a family member or friend. The money goes towards protecting the gray wolf. Meanwhile, the recipient will receive a certificate and a plush toy replica. Want to adopt an entire family? In exchange, you’ll receive stuffed toys of an alpha male, female, and wolf cubs!

Animal Shelter Gift Certificate

Ever thought about adopting an adorable puppy or kitten and handing him to your loved one or family member on your favorite holiday? Think again. Giving the gift of an animal to an unsuspecting person often means that she will wind up right back at the shelter. Instead, purchase a gift certificate that will cover adoption costs and present that as the gift instead. That way, the recipient can visit their favorite local shelter and pick out the perfect animal companion that he really connects with.

The Dog Days
2007 Calendar

Make everyday a dog day with the Dog Days 2007 Calendar.It features 12 dogs from throughout the Chicago Metro area photographed by celebrated photographer, David Sutton. Each portrait is featured in fine-art black and white and exudes warmth and whimsy. These calendars are donated at no cost to Chicagoland animal welfare organizations, humane societies, and animal shelters. In return, these animal organizations keep 100% of the profit to support their work.

Chien Cuvee & Belle Fifi Shampoo
(707) 968-9052

Canine pampering has never smelled sweeter than with these bottles of soothing suds. With an eclectic blend of ripe plum or peppermint scents and gentle herbal oils and silk proteins, these decadent dog shampoos are guaranteed to take bath-time to a new level of luxury. While both shampoos condition and moisturize your pet’s coat, the Chien Cuvee uses a gentle blend of oils to also help relieve your dog’s skin from itching and irritation.

Farmstead Milk
Dog Shampoo
Boot’s Bath set
(608) 897-4288

Rub a dub dub, get your dog in the tub! Build up a scented lather on your dog’s coat with Farmstead Milk Dog Shampoo Boot’s Bath set including liquid shampoo and a soap bar. Pamper your pooch with handcrafted shampoo and soap made with all natural ingredients including pure goat’s milk, herbs, flowers, and essential oils. Both the shampoo and soap bar are available in a puppy gift box. Bath-time is fun again!

Mundo Botanica
Paw Butter
(410) 522-5151

Protect your dog’s elbows and paws from the harsh winter weather. Paw Care Balm and Paw Butter are the perfect antidote to chapped, cracked, and blistered pads. Both products are made with a blend of organic botanicals, essential oils, e vitamin, and butters. Paw Care Balm is used in healing your pets elbows and paw pads while Paw Butter keeps paw pads moisturized. Now you can keep your dog’s skin from getting dry too!

* Judy Sutton Taylor is the Kids editor at Time Out Chicago and is very active in rescue and adoption in Chicagoland. She is also the proud mother of twins and a variety of feline and canine companions.

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